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dB Acoustics

Top-quality sound attenuation solutions

Noise is one of the most unpleasant form of gesture for an ear and extreme noise could also lead to serious hazards. Considering this issue to be treated with prime importance, DB Acoustics has managed to provide the perfect noise attenuation installation services since 1983. You could now be rest assured of staying away from irritating noises as the sound attenuation installation process that we carry out will give you the best of noise reduction experience.


We provide design, manufacturing and installation services to some of Australia's top industrial companies.  For over 30 years, we have designed noise attenuation products for applications in the following industries:

●     power stations

●     construction

●     broadcasting

●     water desalination

●     paper mills

●     printing

●     motor manufacturing

Get hi-tech noise attenuation systems of high durability

Being highly successful in creating a noise free environment, we have constantly been able to walk to path the excellence with the help of our highly skilled engineers. Once they analyse the nature of noise attenuation, they will right away work on the betterment with the help of their unmatched capabilities. They know the exact ways of re-designing structures to function noiselessly and are also known for their stead-fast services of noise attenuation installation. Our range of acoustic doors, acoustic wall panels, and generator enclosures are known to be the best in the industry.

Reliable source of reducing noise

For all those equipments that produce loud noise, we step in to cut down the irritating noise and create a pollution free environment through the best sound attenuation solution. With our unbiased services we are able to cater to the specific needs of various industries in Australia through our top-quality noise attenuation products. If you are confused as to what kind of sound attenuation products would suit the nature of your space, you could conveniently get the most reliable assistance and advice of our highly dependable staff, who will guide you in the right away to adapt to the right source.

We assure you a noise free environment

With flexible options and affordable pricing, there is no limit to the size or design of the noise attenuation products that we can create for your critical application. We can handle small jobs, as well as, large industrial requirements and you will never find us denying your requests based on complexities. Any nature of request is more than a privilege for us to serve you. We understand your need of carrying out tasks using noisy equipments to do your routine job, which is why we take all your worries away by installing the highly standardized sound attenuation products for your place.

You can call us at 61-3-9793-2340 or mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get the best of products and services in Australia.

Modulock Panels

Acoustic Panels - Acoustic Wall Panels

Modulock panels

DB Acoustics manufacture cost effective modular acoustic panels enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery. The acoustic panels enclosures are modular and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be easily assembled to exactly enclose the noise making equipment. Due to the unique panel arrangement these enclosures can be dismantled and relocated easily, saving both cost and time.

Acoustic Design Innovation

dB Acoustics Pty Ltd is an innovative designer, manufacturer and installer of a wide range of acoustic and noise reduction products. Since commencement in 1983, dB Acoustics has continually gained high praise for successfully solving the most difficult noise control problems in industry with well engineered and cost effective solutions.

Case studies


Nexus generator projectdB Acoustics Pty Ltd constructed and installed an Acoustic enclosure to suit a 1250KVa Generator at the Nexus complex in Mulgrave.

Data centre enclosure

Fujitsu ProjectdB Acoustics Pty Ltd were contracted to supply an Acoustic rated enclosure to suit a 2250KVA generator which weighed approximately 5600Kg.


Midfield projectdB Acoustics Pty Ltd manufactured and packaged a 1.5MW Co-Generation package.