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Exclusive range of generator enclosures for noise reduction

DB Acoustics PTY LTD is an innovative designer, manufacturer and installer of a range of acoustic products has also specialized in providing generator enclosures in Australia. Since commencement in 1983, DB Acoustics has gained high praise for successfully solving the most difficult noise problems in industry with well-engineered and cost effective solutions such as generator enclosures.

Our major product areas are:

  • Metal acoustic barriers for road and rail projects.
  • Modular acoustic enclosures to insulate noise from gas/steam turbines and machinery.
  • Modular cladding and acoustic doors.
  • Industrial oven panels and doors.

Other acoustic products include:

  • Transformer enclosures
  • Acoustic louvers
  • Circular and rectangular silencers
  • Steam and gas venting silencers
  • Fan and blower silencers
  • Cooling tower silencers

Say goodbye to a noisy atmosphere

Our other products include generator enclosures. It includes customized container accessories which can be used to protect and operate your generator. A generator enclosures is very useful in protecting the generator from harsh weather conditions. These generator enclosures are designed to meet the highest standards. If you are looking for solutions for generator enclosures or any other enclosures we are there for you.

The aim of DB Acoustics is to provide clients with functional and cost effective acoustic solutions. With one such initiative we have been striving hard to provide you with reliable services that adhere to the following norms:

Noise Surveys:

DB Acoustics undertake precision noise measurements as an essential prerequisite for the design and selection of appropriate and cost effective solutions to noise reduction problems.


DB Acoustics has an experienced installation team that guarantees that acoustic performance criteria are met and that erection procedures and standards set by DB are adhered to.

With top-level engineers and vast experience, we have been able to give your sound making systems the apt generator enclosures to block noise from travelling outside the generators. Being highly resistible, the generator enclosures work wonders in delivering high performance in harsh environments.

We also expertise in manufacturing and installation of acoustic doors, acoustic panels and other sound attenuation systems to help you get the best of sound reduction systems in Australia. Call us at 61-3-9793-2340 or mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get serviced by top engineers.

Acoustic Louvres

louvresThe dB Acoustics Louvre has been designed to reduce noise levels when available area is restricted. The compact design allows modern, streamline designs whilst still providing excellent acoustic properties.



dB Acoustics design and manufacture a range of attenuators to suit any application.  Our range of attenuators together with our Modulock panel system can be used to create a multitude of solutions to meet just about any sound problem.

Circular Silencers

silencerInline Circular Silencers are used to reduce noise levels within air paths such as Air-conditioning ducting fan extraction systems.

Industrial ovens

Oven panels Industrial oven solutions. dB ACOUSTICS PTY LTD manufactures modular interlocking thermal panels for the construction of industrial ovens.  Built with a modular panel system allows us to design an oven solution for any application.

Metal Acoustic Doors

Metal Acoustic Doors - Sound Proof Doors

acoustic door

Acoustic Doors - Sound Proof Doors

Being a part of the noisy world, it is important for one to find ways to create barriers that will avoid the noise entering to a certain area. One such valuable equipment that helps in avoiding sound travelling to a room or an area is the acoustic doors or sound proof doors. May it be a massive room or a small place, the sound proof doors will block the noise from entering into the room. The door sets incorporate a door frame, door leaves, and a seal package. The acoustics doors will be the most worthy investment to make for an industrial and corporate sector.

Acoustic Walls

Acoustic wallsdB Acoustics design and manufacture absorptive and reflective acoustic walls for residential and industrial sites such as SEC Transformer stations.

Audio Rooms

OH&S now consider hearing tests invaluable to monitor and reduce the amount of injuries to the human ear when working in a noisy environment.  Site testing can be carried out by using a transportable or fixed dB Acoustics Audio room.  By testing an employee's hearing loss prior to commencement a company can reduce their liability from the penalties of Worker's Compensation claims.

Industrial Oven Panels

Oven panelsdB Acoustics manufactures modular interlocking thermal panels and doors for the construction of industrial ovens. Custom designed and manufactured for any application.

Industrial Plant Rooms

dB Acoustics design, construct and erect industrial plant rooms for many various applications.  One of which is for prime power generators. dB Acoustics panel "Power Stations" can house a number of generators ranging from 1 or 5 800 Kva units up to 5 or 6 2MW generators.

Modular Acoustic Enclosures

dB ACOUSTICS PTY LTD manufactures cost effective modular acoustic enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise polution produced by machinery in any environment. As we use a modular acoustic enclosure system, enclosures can be custom made to any size and application.