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dB Acoustics is a specialist manufacturer of Metal Acoustic Doors.  Our aim is to provide clients with functional and cost effective doors for all critical applications.  We can design, manufacture and install a wide range of quality door solutions to fit your needs. There is no limit to size or design.

Acoustic doors

Metal Acoustic Doors

Metal Acoustic Doors - Sound Proof Doors

acoustic door

Acoustic Doors - Sound Proof Doors

Being a part of the noisy world, it is important for one to find ways to create barriers that will avoid the noise entering to a certain area. One such valuable equipment that helps in avoiding sound travelling to a room or an area is the acoustic doors or sound proof doors. May it be a massive room or a small place, the sound proof doors will block the noise from entering into the room. The door sets incorporate a door frame, door leaves, and a seal package. The acoustics doors will be the most worthy investment to make for an industrial and corporate sector.