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Modular Acoustic Enclosures

dB ACOUSTICS PTY LTD manufactures cost effective modular acoustic enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise polution produced by machinery in any environment. As we use a modular acoustic enclosure system, enclosures can be custom made to any size and application.

Noise control applications include the enclosure of massive steam and gas turbines and of noisy machinery in a factory environment. In many cases this is an occupational health and safety issue where workers need to be shielded from the plant to protect their hearing.

Our acoustic enclosures are modular and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be easily assembled to exactly enclose the noise making equipment.

Enclosures are provided with fan forced ventilation, hinged or sliding doors, hatches, windows, sealed penetrations and lift-off roof systems all designed to match the modular panel system. The combination options are endless making this a versatile and cost effective solution.

Clients of dB’s noise enclosures include Holden Engine Company (General Motors), Evans Deakin Industries, Loy Yang B Power Station, Robert Bosch, Olex Cables, Texas Utilities and United Energy.