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Modular Demountable Enclosures

modular demountable enclosuresdB Acoustics manufactures cost effective modular acoustic panel enclosures to reduce or eliminate the noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery.

Applications include the enclosure of steam and gas turbines and of noisy machinery in a factory environment.  In many cases the noise is a health and safety issue where workers need to be shielded from the plant to protect them from hearing loss.

dB Acoustics panel enclosures are modular and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.  They can be easily assembled to exactly enclosure the noise making equipment.  Because of the unique panel arrangement these enclosures can be dismantled and relocated easily, saving both time and cost.

Acoustic enclosures can be used to reduce noise levels from most plant and machinery, either fixed or mobile. Due to alcess machinery to key stations.  The panels are also particularly suited to mobile equipment, due to relatively low surface mass.

The dB Panel is a sandwich construction of an outer galvanised steel skin, inert acoustic fill and perforated galvanised steel inner skin to retain a unique patented interlocking connection edge, which requires no additional fasterers.

dB Panels are normally produced in high quality galvanised steel, alternative materials include zincalume, zinc-anneal, mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.  Both internal and external finishes can be spray painted to any specification but for a durable and high quality finish, powder coating is recommended.

For conditions where the inside of the enclosure is subject to hazardous vapours or moisture an impervious membrane can be applied over the infill.

Uniquely dB Acoustics is able to provide the full engineering service including design, drafting, manufacture and installation Australia wide.

The ease of assembly and portability of this product makes it ideal for remote locations and shipping to abroad.

For further details on these products, please contact dB Acoustics pty Ltd.