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Acoustic Walls

Acoustic wallsdB Acoustics design and manufacture absorptive and reflective acoustic walls for residential and industrial sites such as SEC Transformer stations.

The Acoustic Walls are very effective in minimising electrically generated noise. In many instances this enables plant equipment to be built through the centre of densely populated urban centres. In situations where industrial equipment and the dwellings may be only metres apart.

Metal walls are preferable to traditional concrete barriers in a number of ways:

  • They are considerably lighter and narrower so they can be built within confined spaces and on and around existing concrete plinths.
  • They are more aesthetically pleasing and less obtrusive on the surrounding district.

dB Acoustics produce noise walls for the reduction in noise from many kinds of noise sources, for example:

  • Transformer stations
  • Air handling equipment
  • Dust collection equipment

Acoustic walls are built up with dB Modulock Panels constructed with galvanised steel with high-grade powdercoat finishes and anti-graffiti treatment. Walls are either absorptive or reflective and available in a range of weather resistant materials including galvanised or stainless steel and aluminium.


  • Lightweight
  • Eeasy and rapid installation
  • Heavy and costly foundations not required
  • Colour choices and patterns
  • Light diffuse
  • Easy and rapid repair if damaged
  • Low transportation costs
  • Clean and neat in appearance
  • No gaps
  • Impervious to vermin and fungus
  • Excellent appearance maintained
  • Long life durability
  • Proven and tested performance

For further advise on these products please contact dB Acoustics Pty Ltd.