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dB ACOUSTICS PTY  LTD is an innovative designer, manufacturer and installer of a range of acoustic products.

Since commencement in 1983, dB Acoustics has gained high praise for successfully solving the most difficult noise problems in industry with well engineered and cost effective solutions.

Our major product areas are:

  • Metal acoustic barriers for road and rail projects.
  • Modular acoustic enclosures to insulate noise from gas/steam turbines and machinery.
  • Modular cladding and acoustic doors.
  • Industrial oven panels and doors.


We provide design, manufacturing and installation services to some of Australia’s top industrial companies.

  • power stations
  • construction
  • broadcasting
  • water desalination
  • paper mills
  • printing
  • motor manufacturing

The company is staffed by experienced acoustic engineers who are able to design and manufacture structures that effectively reduce noise and at the same time are neat and attractive. The company’s client base includes some of Australia’s major industrial companies involved in power stations, freeway construction, radio and television stations, desalination plants, paper mills, printing and motor manufacturing industries.

dB ACOUSTICS’ aim is to provide clients with functional and cost effective acoustic solutions.

Quiet as the night sky

Think clear. Think dB

Modulock Panels -
DIY noise control

We can handle small jobs, as well as, large industrial requirements and you will never find us denying your requests based on complexities.

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