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With an experience of over 33 years, DB Acoustics has excelled in providing ultimate noise road barriers to contribute to a noise free area creation.

You could sit in your workplace and not realize the happenings of outdoors as these noise road barriers will block you from the outer world, enabling you to be focused and not get disturbed with unwanted noise. It is not just important to get noise road barriers, what matters is the quality of material it is made of and the performance it delivers. Speaking about quality and performance, you can look no beyond DB Acoustics for the best of noise reduction solution.

The external source designed to keep help you gain a noise free environment, these noise road barriers come with excellent features that will fit right to any place, may it be compact and small or massive and vast. Aiming to deliver perfection throughout, DB Acoustics is the most reliable source of gaining noise road barriers in Australia.

Get well-equipped noise road barriers

We understand your need of wanting to opt for noise road barriers that will match the theme of your exteriors, which is why we help you a range that includes carefully made masterpieces of high durability and varied colors and designs. You could choose the one that suits you the best, while our esteemed engineers will work on beautifying your place with highly effective noise road barriers.

The uniquely designed noise road barrier provided by DB Acoustics will maximize the space efficiency with less noise and also ensures you to get the best of products providing high performance and durability. In many instances this system enables freeways to be built through the center of densely populated urban centers, in situations where road and the dwellings may be only meters apart. The recent invention of these upgraded noise road barriers are a perfect replacement for the traditional mode of sound reduction, thus making it a much simpler and effective source to tackle noise.

We also deliver high quality acoustic doors, generator enclosures and other sound attenuation systems for the benefit of the generation to handle the issues of increasing noise pollution. Call us today at 61-3-97932340 or mail your queries at [email protected] .

Quiet as the night sky

Think clear. Think dB

Modulock Panels -
DIY noise control

DB Acoustics manufacture cost effective modular acoustic panels enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery.

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