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dB Acoustics Pty Ltd is a leader in acoustic design innovation.

Since 1983, we have provided acoustic enclosures to solve some of the toughest noise control problems with well-engineered, industry quality solutions.

Modular Demountable Enclosures:

We supply affordable acoustic panel enclosures in order to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, machinery and other equipment. These enclosures can be used both indoors and outdoors and include dB Panels made from a range of high quality finishes.

Modular Acoustic Enclosures:

Modular acoustic enclosures are effective in a variety of noise control applications including steam and gas turbines. These enclosures can be fitted with fan forced ventilation, hinged or sliding doors, lift-off roof systems and more to create a cost-effective solution.

Security Enclosures:

We can erect steel enclosures to house highly-volatile components or other dangerous equipment to maintain the safety of workers in an industrial setting.

To learn more about the acoustic enclosures that we offer, contact us on +61 3 9793 234

Audio Rooms:

Our acoustic enclosures have been tested in ensure superior noise reduction. Whether you require an audio room set up for broadcasting or sound recording, we have solutions that can provide the performance that you are looking for. The audio room options that we offer include accessories, such as:

  • Lighting and power to external junction box
  • Isolation mounts and jacking screws
  • Floor carpeting or vinyl covering
  • Warning lights
  • Drum Ovens
  • Internal door panic bars

We can also add additional windows, doors and seats to any customised model.

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Quiet as the night sky

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Modulock Panels -
DIY noise control

DB Acoustics manufacture cost effective modular acoustic panels enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery.

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