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dB Acoustics is a specialist manufacturer of Metal Acoustic Doors.

dB Acoustics is a specialist manufacturer of Metal Acoustic Doors. We can design, manufacture and install a wide range of quality door solutions to fit your needs. There is no limit to size or design.

Our major product areas are:

  • Metal acoustic barriers for road and rail projects.
  • Modular acoustic enclosures to insulate noise from gas/steam turbines and machinery.
  • Modular cladding and acoustic doors.
  • Industrial oven panels and doors.

Being a part of the noisy world, it is important for one to find ways to create barriers that will avoid the noise entering to a certain area. One such valuable equipment that helps in avoiding sound travelling to a room or an area is the acoustic doors or sound proof doors. May it be a massive room or a small place, the sound proof doors will block the noise from entering into the room. The door sets incorporate a door frame, door leaves, and a seal package. The acoustics doors will be the most worthy investment to make for an industrial and corporate.

Equip your fittings with acoustic doors to avoid noise pollution

Creating a less sound environment will require installation of acoustic doors that are made of highly safe and quality components that deliver high performance. We manufacture single and multiple leaf hinged sound proof doors, manual and automatic sliding doors and vertical lift doors. You could conveniently opt for the sound proof doors provided by DB Acoustics that are designed and installed with high concern towards quality and durability. Being experienced for more than 33 years, we have analyzed the specific needs of our customers and also succeeded in providing them with utmost satisfaction in every walk of our business with a superior range of sound proof doors.

Uniquely designed acoustic doors

Adapting to the latest trends of technological innovations, we have been highly committed towards providing only standardized acoustic doors and the work carried out by our installers will enable you to get the best of sound proof experience and a calm environment. With increasing demand to find the perfect acoustic doors, we have also developed our self to suit your customised needs. The perfect color, design and other criteria will be catered to with utmost care to suit your specific needs.

Simple and effective ways of noise reduction

The range of acoustic panels, generator enclosures and noise road barriers are also known to be the most versatile range of sound reduction equipments that we specialize in installation. Our team of highly qualified engineers will conduct a detailed research on the requirements and carry out installation in the most organized manner. The handles, glass or wood material and the other minute detailing of components will be installed with your full approval and satisfaction.

Quiet as the night sky

Think clear. Think dB

Modulock Panels -
DIY noise control

DB Acoustics manufacture cost effective modular acoustic panels enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery.

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