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DB Acoustics manufacture cost effective modular acoustic panels enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery.

The acoustic panels enclosures are modular and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be easily assembled to exactly enclose the noise making equipment. Due to the unique panel arrangement these enclosures can be dismantled and relocated easily, saving both cost and time.

Top-quality acoustic panels with high durability

Acoustic wall panels can be used to reduce noise levels from most plant and machinery, either fixed or mobile. Due to the versatility of the DB Panel system, enclosures can be designed for small pump motor units or complete turbo generator sets. Complex process machinery can be contoured to conserve space and allow access to key stations. The panels are also particularly suited to mobile equipment, due to the relatively low surface mass.

Expert services of durable acoustic panels installation

The DB acoustic panels is a sandwich construction of an outer galvanised steel skin, inert acoustic fill and perforated galvanised steel inner skin to retain and protect the infill. The acoustic panels are formed with a unique patented interlocking connection edge, which does not require any additional fasteners. This interlock system is one of the key success of the DB Panel system. It provides an acoustic seal, compatible with the transmission loss of the panel which is usually a major weakness of most modular enclosures.

Specialists in delivering noise reduction solutions

The acoustic wall panels comprise of a 1.6mm thick base channel which is used to secure the enclosure of the foundation. This channel is independent of the acoustic panels and can be laid on any surface, irrespective of the level. Any gaps caused by irregularities are sealed with high density bitumastic foam or silicon. The same profile is used for the roof capping and, for heights over three meters, as an intermediate joiner.

Superior quality and construction acoustic wall panels

DB acoustic wall panels are normally produced in high quality galvanized steel. Alternative materials include zincalume, zincanneal, mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Both internal and external finishes can be sprayed painted to any specification but for a durable and high quality finish, powder coating is recommended.

Uniquely DB Acoustics is able to provide the full engineering service including design, drafting, manufacture and installation of acoustic wall panels Australia wide. These acoustic wall panels are a smart investment in productivity and are an environment-friendly, easy-to-install systems that are highly affordable.

Our acoustic wall panels are ideal for use in any buildings where noise reduction and privacy is a concern. These acoustic panels can be used in any room, hallway or even in exit corridors. You could also get excellent quality noise road barriers to equip your building into a noise free zone. The range of sound proof doors will serve you with as the best noise attenuation source for your surroundings.

Quiet as the night sky

Think clear. Think dB

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DB Acoustics manufacture cost effective modular acoustic panels enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery.

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